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Onboarding/Offboarding a New Team Member

If you are a supervisor, you are aware that there are a number of things to be done once you have made an offer and received an acceptance from the new employee. Many of these can wait until the person actually arrives on their first day. However, there are up to two hours of IT tasks that must be taken care of before the new user even logs onto their computer. There are also tasks that the hiring department must do before the IT prep work can begin. For that reason, these items should be done as soon as their acceptance letter has been received:

  1. If the new employee is not a former Virginia Tech student and has never worked for Virginia Tech:
    1. Get basic information into Banner to create a university ID number (the 9-oh number) for them.     
    2. Contact the new employee, provide them the 90 number, direct them to to create their PID, and have them send their new PID to you.
  2. Go to and complete this form so OIS will know what equipment to prepare for the new user and will have the information necessary to create accounts and process paperwork for things like phone service, wireless access, etc. This also allows you to specify a time for OIS to meet with the new employee to get them going on the new computer.
  3. If a new computer is to be bought for the new employee, that should be initiated at least four weeks prior to the anticipated start date (i.e., possibly before the interview process has even begun). It can take up to 30 days for a computer order to be delivered. This is outside OIS’ control and the sooner the computer is ordered, the more likely it will be ready when the new person arrives.


For offboarding, OIS should be notified the day an employee gives notice. Go to and you will be asked to provide the necessary information so OIS can make sure all access is properly disabled and user data can be backed up in case needed after they have left.