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The mission of Outreach Information Services (OIS) is to provide dependable and courteous customer service while ensuring the reliability, security, and usability of all computer systems in Outreach and International Affairs (OIA) and to foster innovation and efficiency throughout the organization.

OIS is charged with the following specific tasks:

  • Provide for the safety of all user data from internal/external electronic threats
  • Provide IT technical assistance to all OIA user groups
  • Provide IT resources (database, file storage, domain security infrastructure, etc)
  • Provide central backup and recovery of user data on their desktop/laptop systems and IT resources
  • Help ensure computers and data systems are:
    • Used in accordance with state guidelines
    • In line with policies and guidelines from the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors and Virginia Tech Division of IT
    • In compliance with any internal and external audit requirements
    • In line with any special grant/research requirements (for computers and servers to be used as a part of the grant/research)
  • Develop disaster recovery and continuity of operations plans for all IT resources to ensure rapid IT responses to natural disasters.