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Disable Teams meeting automatically adding to Outlook

How can I disable Teams Meetings being automatically added to any Outlook meeting invite?


1)  Go to

2)  If you are already logged in to Office 365 continue to the next step. If you are not logged in, click on the Sign In text toward the top right of the webpage and sign into

3)  Click on the square box made of dots next to “Microsoft 365” in the top left corner.

Square box made of dots in top left corner

4)  Click on Outlook from the resulting menu. Note the locations of the icons may be in a different order than on the screenshot below.

Outlook Icon

5)  Once Outlook for the web has loaded, click on the gear icon by the top right corner of the webpage.

Gear Icon

6)  The settings menu should appear as a pop-over screen. Click on Calendar from the left column and then Events and Invitations from the middle menu.

Calendar/Events and Invitations

7)  Finally, uncheck the box labeled “Add online meeting to all meetings.” Once done, close the pop-over screen.

Uncheck "add online meeting to all meetings"

You can download the word document below: