Outreach Information Services can only schedule events for the Division of Outreach & International Affairs (OIA).

If you are not a faculty, staff, or student working for OIA, you will need to submit a ticket to 4-Help and ask them to configure it. They will temporarily modify your account for https://virginiatech.zoom.us/ so that the webinar feature shows up for you. You will then be able to create/configure your event and you will also be able to get the invite information for both panelists and attendees. Once your event is concluded, that access will go away (This is due to limited Webinar licenses that the university has).

OIS has been authorized to create Zoom Webinars on behalf of our division. You can read about the difference between a Zoom Meeting and a Zoom Webinar here:


In order to request a meeting, please send an email at least five business days in advance of the event or when you plan to send the Webinar invite out to attendees. Please provide the following information:

  • Date, start time, and end time of the event
  • List of emails of the hosts for the event (hosts will manage the event)
  • List of emails of the panelists for the event (those who should be seen/heard at the event)
  • Indicate if you do NOT want a webinar password (random 6 digit number). We will create the webinar with a password by default.

Note that functionally, hosts and panelists are the same. This means they can share screens, mute/unmute people, etc.

We are only able to process requests for faculty/staff in the Division of Outreach & International Affairs. If you are not part of OIA, you can go to https://4help.vt.edu/, log in, and submit a help request to create a Zoom webinar. After submitting your request, they will temporarily assign a license to your account so you can enter the webinar information. Once the event has passed, they will reclaim the license to be used for other webinar requests. Any OIA personnel wishing to request a webinar can complete this form and OIS will create the webinar for you: https://forms.ois.vt.edu/newzoomwebinar/